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The 3P Technik Filtersysteme GmbH has focused on stormwater management themes and in its infrastructure projects implements new water protecting strategies.

Sustainable water management is not only limited to regions of low water resources, the essential resource should be protected for future generations. In the water-rich parts of the world the focus should be increasingly stringent environmental regulations and to avoid taxes. To act in a sustainable, innovative stormwater concepts must be sophisticated, solutions.

Research has focused on providing technology that can be extended and applied to various project standards and specifications, not simply one-off ad-hoc products. This technology includes patented system design not only tested & certified through actual field trials but also enabling the development of products with more and better environmental performance. This is what a number of stormwater treatment facilities and systems with general technical approval by the German Institute for Construction Technology stand for.

Research is also carried out to minimize the potential introduction of pollutants through stormwater, to protect soil and water conservation. Material life cycle research enables ease of replacement of individual components as they near the end of the design life without the need to replace the entire system. Static optimization measures reduces the use of materials. Likewise, special properties and compositions are explored in the filter substrates.

3P is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of high-tech stormwater treatment facilities with the successful completion of numerous projects for our prestigious partners.


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Research Reports

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Water Industry Reports

2008 DE: Berlin-Brandenburg

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