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Drainage and Stormwater Treatment has many Faces

A best management practice designed to meet stringent regulatory requirements; the 3P stormwater treatment systems. The Stormwater Management Filter removes the most challenging target pollutants using a proven effective filter integrated in different drainage systems like gully, gutters and manhole shafts.

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Please be so kind to send us a short description of your project and 2 or 3 photos. We will add it to our Case Studies Library. It is easy and  simple! Send us an e-mail to: project@3ptechnik.de.

All listed projects had two primary goals: to reduce the amount of polluted runoff that enters storm drains, streams, rivers or lakes and to maximize the amount of stormwater recharged into aquifers to help offset water pumped out of aquifers by water agencies and other groundwater users.

Our goal is to support our engineering clients with the best service for rainwater harvesting and stormwater treatment management projects.

Thank you in advance
Your 3P Technik Project-Team

Vorschaubilder Project: 4 Fußball WM Stadien
Brasilien | 1. Fortaleza, 2. Salvador,
3. Cuiabá und 4. Porto Alegre.
3P Technik do Brasil Ltda.
Vorschaubilder Project: Audi plant
BIRCO GmbH, Baden-Baden
Vorschaubilder Project: Kupferdach Landtag
Brandenburg, Potsdam
BAM Deutschland AG
Vorschaubilder Project: Knoten Alpenblick
Cham (Zugersee)
Ing.-Büro Berchtold-Eicher AG
Vorschaubilder Project: Paint-Styling AG
Ing.-Büro Slongo Röthlin Partner AG
Vorschaubilder Project: Flughafen Charles de Gaulle
Sotralenz Habitat
Vorschaubilder Project: Alterssiedlung Feldstraße
Ing.-Büro BABU GmbH
Vorschaubilder Project: EDEKA – Markt
Berlin - Neukölln
Rehau AG+Co, Erlangen
Vorschaubilder Project: Verbindungsstraße - Brücke
Uzwil / Zuzwil

Vorschaubilder Project: Seestraße
Meilen (Zürichsee)
Ing.-Büro Osterwalder, Geisser & Brugger AG
Vorschaubilder Project: Blaue Fabrik Priessnitzstraße
Rehau AG+Co, Erlangen
Vorschaubilder Project: Berufsschulzentrum

Vorschaubilder Project: Viking Museum Haithabu

Vorschaubilder Project: Bleidachflächen Wikingermuseum

Vorschaubilder Project: Raiffeisen

Vorschaubilder Project: Bremer Straße B 75

Vorschaubilder Project: Zinkdach

Vorschaubilder Project: Logistikzentrum Utz AG

Vorschaubilder Project: Asys Automatisierungstechnik

Vorschaubilder Project: Messanlage
Wuppertal Kulloch

Vorschaubilder Project: Katholische Kirche mit Friedhof

Vorschaubilder Project: Mehrzweckstadion "João Havelange"
Rio de Janeiro

Vorschaubilder Project: TUPER - Fabrik für Autozubehör
São Bento do Sul

Vorschaubilder Project: “Cidade do Samba”

Vorschaubilder Project: Kupferdach
Vorschaubilder Pilotproject CH: Buochs
Vorschaubilder Zwischenbericht: Forschungsprojekt
Vorschaubilder Abschlussbericht: Forschungsprojekt
Vorschaubilder “Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus”
São José, Brasilien
Vorschaubilder Hotels in einer brasilianischen Stadt

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