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Hydrosystem 1500 heafy traffic

For areas up to 1,600 m², the system is installed in manhole structures up to D = 1.5 m.

3P Hydrosystem ® multiple installations

Our systems are designed in accordance with the maximum area to be connected. 3P Hydrosystems for areas larger than 500 m² can be found here.

3P Hydrosystem 400 ®

Special stormwater treatment plant for installation directly in the ground. For roof areas and traffic areas from 100 to 175 m², depending on the type of filter.

3P Hydrofilter ® Gulley

A gulley, which is due to the principle of decentralization, both ecologically and economically future.

3P Hydrofilter ® Drain

A drain for the filtration of rainwater. The modular system purifies rainwater from heavy metals, coarse and fine dust particles. Safe, effective, easy to maintain.

Reference Projects

Find successfully in use stormwater treatment facilities and more objects with 3P Technology inside.

3P Video Channel

Our videos will show you the functional principle of our products.

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