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Downpipe Filters

They filter reliably the dirt from the rainwater and are installed in the downpipe. Also ideal for retrofitting

In-Tank Integral Filters

Rainwater filter for installation in polyethylene or concrete rainwater tanks. 3P offers filters for any height difference between inlet and outlet.

Pre-Tank Filters

Rainwater filter for installation in front of the rainwater storage tank directly into the ground. The outlet at the side and with telescopic extension the depth is variable.

Industrial Filters

Our industrial filters are especially suitable for large roof areas and installed in standard concrete shafts, mostly pre-assembled.


Find retention chokes in 1 ", 2" or 3 ", Overflow siphons for concrete and polyethylene tanks, calmed inlets, return valves and more.

Reference Projects

Find here a selection of global and successfully in use rainwater catchment projects with 3P Technology inside.

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