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3P Flow Regulator 1.0-30.0 l/s

Artikel No. 4000430

Due to the dynamic opening of the aperture in conjunction with the float is the
Flow adapted to the water level. Thus, a continuous outflow is achieved even if the retention retention should be higher or lower. Tested action height: up to 1.75m

Individual parts:
The PE body perceives the function of the load-bearing component. Due to the design of the connections in the rear area, connection widths of DN 100 - DN 200 are possible here.
Furthermore, the plug in of the BYPassTube, the flow regulator can be adjusted exactly to the existing retention height and also has an emergency overflow.
The orifices are individually defined and tested for each flow.

Discharge values:
The flow regulator values
were checked and defined for outflows at a height of 1.75
m. Thus, the flow regulators can be offered with a dynamically adjusted constant flow in the following capacity:

1.0 l/s, 2.5 l/s, 4.5 l/s, 7.0 l/s, 9.0 l/s, 11.5 l/s, 13.5 l/s, 15.0 l/s, 17 , 5 l/s, 20.0 l/s, 22.0 l/s,
24.0 l/s, 26.5 l/s, 30.0 l/s

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