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3P Hydrosystem ® 1500

The Hydrosystem 1500 is the big brother of the Hydrosystem 1000. It is installed in the factory in a plastic or concrete shaft with an internal diameter of 1.5 m.

A hydrodynamic separator brings about the sedimentation of solids in a radial flow regime characterized by secondary flows. Through the effect of the separator, the solids enter the flow-calmed sludge trap located underneath the separating funnel. There are six filter elements above the separation chamber. The water flows upwards through the filter elements. The system removes pollutants such as heavy metals, mineral oil hydrocarbons and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from the stormwater. Apart from that it binds nutrients such as phosphates. The quality of the cleaned water is so high that it can be discharged directly into the seepage or any receiving sewer.

The height difference between inlet and outlet is only 25 cm. As the system is installed under the traffic area, it needs no additional space on the property or in the road space.

The treatment plant can be used with traffic areas such as car parks and roads with all volumes of traffic, industrial areas and metal roofs. Four different filter cartridges are available for this. In comparison with the smaller Hydrosystem, about three times the area can be connected to the treatment plant. The outlet is fitted with an immersion pipe for retaining the light density matter. The sludge trap can be evacuated via the central maintenance pipe.

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