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3P Hydrofilter ® Drain

Typ Filter Drain

The new 3P Hydrofilter Drain offers a decentralized and absolutely new way for stormwater treatment. 3P Technik Filtersysteme GmbH offers a large product-range to collect, treat und harvest the rainwater and stormwater.

The 3P Hydrofilter Drain is the newest product of 3P and all the knowledge and all the gained experience of the past 10 years has merged in this product.
Decentralized stormwater treatment is becoming more and more interesting for
authorities and planners. It is seen as an important measure regarding the implementation of the Water Framework Directive, as it can be applied specifically and therefore cost-effective.

It is able to filter and bind pollutants like PAH´s, HC´s, heavy metals like Cd, Zn, Cu, Pb as well as phosphate and ammonium. The pollutants then can be disposed of specifically and easily. Thus the stormwater of highly frequented roads (parking sites and roads), industrial real estates and metal roofs can be cleaned directly on site and can be drained away or discharged into a surface water.

Owing to the modular concept of the Hydro-Gutter the stormwater is going to be cleaned in two steps:

Settle able particular solids were taken out Light-liquid and solute metals were adsorbed out of the stormwater.

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