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Correct and safe installation

Installation of a rainwater system should take account of the local conditions. Correct design will ensure years of trouble free operation.

Plastic or concrete tank?
It is an individual choice whether to use a plastic or concrete tank. The following issues should be considered:

1. Where is the rainwater tank situated? Does it need to withstand the weight of people and cars?
2. Usually concrete tanks are lifted directly from the lorry into the excavation, and therefore suitable access for a lorry to the tank position is needed.
3. To set a plastic tank you just need 4 strong site workers.
4. The choice of the filter also depends on local conditions. The schematic diagrams show below

Installation of rainwater filter within a rainwater tank.
1. Installation of rainwater filter before a rainwater tank.
2. Different factors influence the location of the rainwater tank:

The position of the tank should ideally be near the control panel room.
1. Connections from the rainwater down pipes need to be installed at the required gradient.
2. The outlet to the stormwater pipe / drainage system should be accessible.
3. A sufficient height difference between rainwater inlet and stormwater pipe outlet is ideal, so you can select a much lower maintenance rainwater filter , with a steeply inclined sieve surface.
4. An adequate gradient of the service pipe between the control panel room and storage tank is required.
5. The service pipe contains the cables (pumps, topping up control, etc.), the water top up pipe and the rainwater delivery pipe.
6. Placing a pre-installed hand line (mouse) in the service pipe is recommended.
7. The service pipe has to be frost resistant, and it should be aprox. 80 cm underground to ensure the water supply for washing machine and toilet in winter.
8. The service pipe should be sealed to prevent moisture, water and pests from accessing the pipe and its contents.
Installation of rainwater filter within a rainwater tank

The illustration shows a rainwater tank of the latest technology. The tendency that a rainwater system only exists of two big components (1 x the technical module inside the house and 1 x the completely installed rainwater tank) is here confirmed.

Advantages of this construction method:

1. The cisterns are normally delivered completely. This abbreviates the time of installation.
2. You can be sure that the accessories are coordinated and installed correctly.
3. You only have one lid in the garden, the driveway or the parking lot.
Installation of rainwater filter before a rainwater tank

This kind of installation is very known and useful if bigger roof areas shall be drained. The 3P Volumefilter VF1 can drain up to 350 m² roof area. The cisterns are equipped with the same high-quality product as described above.

Advantages of this installation method:

1. You do not have to lift up a heavy concrete lid but only the plastic lid of the telescopic extension to reach the filter insert.
2. If yet installed cisterns are refitted with a filter.



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