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3P Patronen Filter

Artikel No. 1000300

Rainwater filter for the installation in rainwater tanks. Due to the inclined angle of the filter sieve and its very smooth surface structure the dirt is rinsed into the sewer. Filter cartridge mesh in stainless steel within plastic housing.

Retro-installation of 3P Backwashing Device PF + SF is possible. The 3P Patronen Filter is ideally suited for use in conjunction with a 3P Overflow Siphon Duo and the 3P Calmed Inlet.

Low maintenance, the filter has to be cleaned depending on the contamination several times during the year.

Connection capacity after DIN 1986 for roof areas up to 150 m².

All connections DN 100.

Small height difference of 66 mm between rainwater inlet and wastewater outlet.

Mesh size of filter cartridge 0,7 x 1,7 mm.

The cleaned water can be used in washing machines, toilet flushing and garden watering, in homes, in commerce, in public buildings and in industry.

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