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3P Hydrosystem 400 heavy traffic

Número de artículo 3100420

Specialist rainwater filter for installation directly in the ground, for heavily contaminated traffic areas up to 100m². The filter function is an up-flow process and this allows for a design with little height difference between inlet and outlet. The cleaned water has an excellent water quality. The rainwater is cleaned by basic operation of the following processes: Sedimentation, Adsorption, Filtration, and Chemical Precipitation. Incoming rainwater is led down to the basal section of the filter shaft. A hydrodynamic separator built in the base section promotes particulate sedimentation.

The water is led into this separator tangentially and generates a radial flow pattern. Particles settle into the silt trap located below the separation chamber. As there is no current there is little remobilisation (washout) of the retained sediment. Above the separation chamber is the filter element, occupying the full shaft width and so all water must flow up through it. The Siltation of this filter is slowed due to the upwards flow, and the fact that the filter is below the water level. The filter is easily exchanged. The complete single filter element is removed using the handle inside the overflow pipe. Under normal conditions the filter will last for 2 years, maintenance free.

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